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Eastern Shore WEATHER


Call for service as soon as you notice the symptoms! By not letting the problem go longer, you can help avoid higher utility bills that typically accompany a poorly functioning system.

Have you noticed…

  • Decreased air flow?
  • Strange noises coming from the indoor or outdoor units?
  • Moldy odors coming from the duct work when unit is running?
  • The unit cycles more frequently than it used to?
  • The breaker for the HVAC system in the electrical panels keeps tripping?
  • Ice appears on your AC or piping?
  • Your outdoor fan in the unit won’t come on?

What you can expect to be done during a Maintenance check?

Preventative Maintenance

  • Check indoor evaporator coils and clean if necessary
  • Check outdoor condenser coils with specialty cleaner
  • Flush drain lines
  • Install drain tablets to reduce buildup of fungus, algae and mold
  • Test refrigerant levels
  • Test capacitors
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Test defrost cycle on Heat Pumps
  • Clean burners on furnaces
  • Inspect flue pipes
  • Inspect duct system
  • Measure AMP draw
  • Test backup electrical heat
  • Lubricate moving parts